Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Carson Valley Inn Casino and Restaurants Closed for 30 Days

Image Courtesy of Jan Vanderdermade, #whyCV, #VisitCV
We Woke Up to a Beautiful Morning
But Then . . . 
Good morning from the Carson Valley Inn. We were fortunate to wake up to this beautiful scene on Tuesday morning. Thankfully, this picturesque view from Jake’s Pond, just a short walk from the Carson Valley Inn, was captured early in the morning by Jan Vandermade, Executive Director of the Carson Valley Visitors Authority.  As is inevitably the case following every spring snow, everything on the Valley floor was melted by 3 PM the same day. And three hours later on the evening of March 17, 2020 the real meltdown occurred when Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak directed all non-essential business in Nevada, including casinos, to close for 30 days. So there you have it. Our casino and all restaurants are now closed for at least 30 days. This is a rapidly developing and changing situation and we will distribute additional information when and as we have it available with blog updates, through our social media (Facebook and Twitter) or on our website.


  1. During this period have you thought about donating your supply of hand sanitizer? Seems to me that all the casinos should have a lot of it on hand. Just wondering,

    1. During the time the casino and restaurants are closed, we have a limited number of well-separated staff in the building performing special cleaning, maintenance, and training. In addition, we do have guests staying in the hotel. The hand sanitizer is being used regularly by these folks.

  2. My husband BOB misses you guys lots...