Friday, May 8, 2020

Slots Flashback, Concert News, Reopening - Carson Valley Inn

How's This for a Flashback in Time!
Slots in the Mid-Late Eighties
Big carousels with people in the middle hawking change (see image below). Large bulky nicked-up cabinets with buckets locked in the bottom. Coin acceptors that tended to jam often. Mechanical handles that sometimes took a little extra elbow grease to pull. Spinning reels that occasionally didn't line up properly. Clanging of coins falling into the trays. Change buckets and dollar-token racks - sometimes stacked and often haphazardly scattered between and behind machines and on the floor. Moist towelettes to remove the silver-gray film on your hands from inserting coins for hours on end.  Torn paper coin wrappers and foil towelette wrappers littered seemingly everywhere. 
Remember those huge carousels staffed by someone hawking change!
And those monster change carts (pictured at top of article) that eventually lightened the load for the change people who previously donned belt-clip coin changers and change aprons with giant pockets full of rolled nickels and quarters. Remember those days? We do, and we're sure glad those are "things" of the past . . . along with the heavy lifting, many staff hours and large rooms of scales and mechanical coin counters and wrappers necessary to deal with those buckets of coin. We like today's set-up so much better and anxiously await our casino reopening and welcoming back all of our friends! 

So When Are We Gonna Open?
We sure wish we could give you an exact date but we won't know until the State of Nevada gives us the go-ahead. Same applies to Sharkey's, Bodines and SlotWorld. Meanwhile, we are taking the health and safety steps sent to us by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We'll be ready!

Concert News

Charlie Daniels Band: We received word last week from the Charlie Daniels Band tour that they have postponed from late June of this year to 2021. All who purchased tickets for the 2020 concert have been information to the email address used during the ticket purchase process. If you purchased tickets, please check your email. The Charlie Daniels Band has rebooked their TJ's Corral concert for June of 2021 and we'll have more details when we get through the 2020 season.

Tanya Tucker: the West Coast stops on the 2020 Tanya Tucker tour have been postponed and we sent information to those who purchased tickets. As they say,  Stay Tuned!”

LOCASH, Clay Walker, Lee Brice, Trace Atkins: at this point, we're planning on these concerts proceeding. If anything changes, we will again send information to those who have purchased tickets and also provide information on this page.

Stay Safe, Be Well!


  1. Those pictures are great. I actually worked with Mike one of the change people when I first started at CVI in 2003

  2. I purchased tickets to the Charlie Daniels Band concert, but don't remember receiving an email advising of the cancellation and how to obtain my refund.

    1. Please contact Julie Meza at 775-783-7764. Thanks.