Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Almost on the NFL Progressive, Kittens in the Casino, Tax Time Coming, More

Our Penny Progressive Jackpot hit last night at $76,304!!  This handsome year-end bonus went to a local who asked that we not use his name or picture today and we always respect such requests. He sure was a happy camper and he would have looked great in a picture! Hint to all CVI winners who play using your INN Club card: Check the article below about requesting a 2014 "Win/Loss" statement!!

Is It a Sports Car, a Jet Fighter or a Video Slot? You tell us: The adjustable seat glides forward or back for operator comfort. The communications volume is easily adjustable on the speakers embedded at ear level in the upper back portion of your seat. The rumble (vibration) adjusts to suit your comfort level. And the heads-up display adjusts all the way from straight flat to 3-D. Check back next week for the answer!

We've been adding slots to our floor on a regular basis and some of the new themes have animation and video that are . . .  well, just too cute not to share. The short video above is just a sampling of the scenes from one of our OMGKittens slots. 

End of Year Tax Time Looming: We know that our customers are starting to work on (or at least plan for or our worry about) their 2014 tax returns because we've been getting requests for 2014 "Win/Loss" statements. If you will need such a report from us, you might want to download the request form now and get the completed form to us. We'll send you the information we have on file and you can put it with your tax papers so you'll have it when the time comes to do your return . . . which for many of us probably won't be until early April despite all of our good intentions!! Simply click here, download the form, print it, and get the required information back to us.

Happy New Year!
  • If you're reading this on Wednesday, here's a quick recap of what's happening on New Year's Eve at the Carson Valley Inn: INN Club members earned 4X points today from 4 AM to 4 PM. The Blues Monsters entertain tonight in the cabaret lounge – free of course – from 9 PM to 1 AM. And if you make it to midnight, we'll have an ample supply of hats, noisemakers and a champagne toast!
  • If you are reading this after New Year's Eve, that means it's January and our $50,000 Progressive Giveaways Promotion has started. We are also giving away free 8-packs of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi on Tuesdays and we've added some new pizzazz to the Wednesday Ladies' Nights including a weekly ladies-only slot tournament! 
CV Steak Specials: While the regular menu in CV Steak certainly has something for everyone, we do offer specials that have become quite popular. If you check this blog regularly, you know that every Friday night we feature a Game On special. To help you plan, here are the specials for the next few Fridays. Remember, these are all served with tableside-tossed salad, vegetable and your choice of potato - au gratin, baked, or a one-pound, twice-baked potato:
January 2 - Braised Buffalo Short Ribs: one and a half pounds of American Bison short ribs braised and slow-cooked, finished with natural pan sauce. $29.00
January 9 - Grilled Elk Medallions: two 3 oz. elk tenderloin medallions grilled and finished with demi and sundried cherries. Chef does not recommend cooking temps over medium. $29.00
January 16 - Roasted Stuffed Quail:  with prosciutto, wild rice and plum port glaze.  $28.00
January 23 - Grilled Duck Breast: Maple Leaf Farms 9 oz. duck breast marinated with fresh herbs, grilled to medium rare-medium doneness with natural duck jus. $28.00
Game Not Your Game? No need to get crabby 'cause Sundays in CV Steak we feature one pound of King Crab Legs for $32. And yes, that also includes tableside-tossed salad, vegetable and your choice of  au gratin, baked, or a one-pound, twice-baked potato!

Progressive Pro PK'em in Final Week(s):  Even after all the coaching we put in last week's blog, Greg (probably not his real name) told us Monday morning that he missed hitting all 15 games - and thus winning the jackpot - by one. "I got 14 out of 15, missed the San Diego game," he bemoaned. Greg, if only you had taken that one game and played two cards, one picking San Diego (as you did) and the other picking the Kansas City Chiefs (as you didn't). Five more bucks and the $4000+ would've been yours! Sure, it was reasonable to think that the Chiefs – with their 2nd string quarterback – couldn't possibly beat the Chargers especially after the show Drew Brees put on against the 49ers the week before . . . but it is the NFL and anything can happen! Anyway, this weekend we've got 15 propositions involving the eight NFL wild-card games: Winners, First Half Winners (ties go both ways!), Over/Unders and First Score Type. Bottom-line$4582 is on the line this week. A winner (or winners) ends the contest. No winner and the jackpot progresses upwards and we try again next week for the NFL Divisional Playoff games.

As Always, Interesting, Helpful and Even Useful Tidbits and News:
  • Free Entertainment in the Cabaret: The Blues Monsters tonight, College Bowl Games daytime Thursday, Melissa Dru Thursday – Saturday nights, AFC & NFC Wildcard Games daytime Saturday and Sunday, Paul Covarelli Sunday through Wednesday nights.
  • Ladies Night: on hiatus for tonight but we kick it up a notch when we start again next Wednesday!
  • Jackpot Update:
    • The Penny Progressive Jackpot hit last night at $76,304.  This handsome year-end bonus went to a local who asked that we not use his name or picture today and we always respect such requests. He sure was a happy camper!! Hint to all CVI winners who play using your INN Club card: Check the article above about requesting a 2014 "Win/Loss" statement!!
    • The Pro PK'em Progressive is $4,582 for this weekend's NFL games.  The pot is still up for grabs . . . thanks to Greg (and perhaps others?) who missed by one last week!
Comments?? Have questions or comments about the CVI? Use the comments section below, shoot us an email or just pick up the phone and call us @ 775-782-9711. Hit "0" when the automated voice comes on and you'll go right to the hotel operator who can get you to the correct person or department.  We have a lot more coming up at the Carson Valley Inn so check our Blog posting every Wednesday morning!


  1. I really enjoy the Navy Bean soup when we visit Katies at the CVI. I would like Chef Saletti to post the recipe in an issue of the Carson& Valley Voice. I enjoyed making the Bodines French Onion Soup very much. Thanks for all the great recipes!

    Andrea M.

  2. Thanks. Chef Saletti covers Bodines. We will pass on this request to our Chef at the Carson Valley Inn.