Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ski Lift Tickets, Mickey Winners, Poker, Football, New Year's Eve, More

Ski Lift Tickets – Get 'em Here: Are you orsome of your holiday visitors thinking about heading up to Kirkwood or Heavenly for skiing over the coming week? Well, if you don't have an Epic Pass, we can help save you some time. We have both Heavenly and Kirkwood one day lift tickets for sale at our hotel desk. Buy 'em here, and you can skip the standing in line part when you get to the slopes. And if you've seen those lines over a holiday week . . . save yourself the frustration!

Sharkey's Project: Yes, the former home of Jane's Beauty Salon was demolished earlier this week. Truth is, this old and unsafe building was supposed to be torn down years ago. It's part of the "beautification" of that quadrant of the corner of Hwy 395 and Gilman. It will all morph into an attractive parking area for the "new" Sharkey's" scheduled to reopen early spring under its new owner, and CVI owner, Mike Pegram.

Hidden Mickey Contest Winners! What an adventure people had who entered the Hidden Mickey contest. We received some interesting comments about the "looks" people received as they walked slowly through the CVI closely perusing our Christmas decorations as they hunted for the Mickey Mouse ear ornaments. After running all the entries through a random name selector, the winner is Lynne Speir who will receive $100 in Dining Credit for CV Steak. The contest brought so many entries, and turned out to be so much fun for the people who entered, that we decided to give away 3 runner-up prizes of $25 in Dining Credit for CV Steak and these go to Amelia Ritger, Chris Weatherbee and Christine Ritger. What is a "real" Hidden Mickey? Click here for more than you could possibly want to know!

Poker Room Anniversary: Thanks for the incredible turnout for our Poker Room's 10th Anniversary celebration last Friday! As you can see in the picture, we had times (about 4 -5 hours) when all four tables were full and there was a waiting list. We gave away all 100 of our Anniversary Chip Protectors along with dozens of other prizes including jackets, shirts, hats, mugs and more. Lots of people were playing with anniversary cake smudged on their face, even though we had plenty of napkins! The whole day turned into a reunion of many of the folks who have played in our poker room over the last 10 years including some we haven't seen in a long time. Our Marketing Department and poker crew had so much fun, they're promising us more poker room activities and events during 2015.

Some Tips on Our Progressive Pro PK'em: You know the basics - pick all 15 winners and the Progressive Jackpot is yours! This weekend that amount will be $4,467 and, as most know, this is the last week of the regular NFL season.
  • Here's the part that's interesting: on a few weeks, we have had people hit 13 out of 15. We even had two weeks with  a 14 out of 15. That's pretty close – like hitting the first three 7s and the fourth reel lands one stop past the 7. It's just $5 to enter and you can enter as often as you like. Looking back at the people who just missed, if they had played one or two more cards, with just one or two of the lines changed the other way, their additional $5 or $10 spent would've yielded them a few thousand dollars.
  • So, here's just something to consider: after you've made your choices: go back and look at those one or two games that have you a little indecisive. Then play another card with those one or two games going the other way. Does this guarantee you'll win? Of course not! Is it a smart move? You be the judge!
  • Perhaps you are among those who say "I'd rather play the progressive at a casino that has a much bigger jackpot!" On the surface, it seems like your return might be higher. However, last year on one of the weeks that our Jackpot hit, our sole winner took home more than any of the individual winners in a much larger "Brand X" statewide Progressive jackpot that hit the same week. Why? Because with so many people playing their contest at so many locations the pot was much larger than ours . . . but after splitting the pot among all who made the correct picks, the individual shares were smaller.  Is ours a better deal? Again, you be the judge!
  • Why do we choose this week to share all of these ramblings? Because we must give away this jackpot soon. If it isn't won this weekend at either the Carson Valley Inn or Bodines Casino, you'll find us making some creative attempts to give it away either during the NFL Playoffs or on Super Bowl weekend. 
  • Here's the bottom line: Whether it's this coming weekend or during the NFL postseason, someone will win this jackpot either at the Carson Valley and or Bodines!
Very Last Minute Christmas Stuff:
  • Last Minute Christmas Gift: Carson Valley Inn Gift Cards can be purchased at our hotel front desk – open 24 hours!
  • Christmas Day Poker: Our Poker Room will open at 4 p.m. on Christmas Day and we will have our usual Thursday night hold'em tournament! The Crew in the Poker Room invites you to wear your new "Ugly Christmas Sweater!"
  • Christmas Day Dining at the Inn: Regular menus plus Christmas Day Dinner Specials in Katie's (Specials 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.) and CV Steak (serving from 4:30 p.m.).
New Year's Eve: this is what's considered a preemptive strike - if you are considering having dinner in CV Steak on New Year's Eve, please make your reservation soon by calling 775-783-6650.  As of this morning, we did have some openings. However, as the week goes along, that won't be the case. And as a reminder, both CV Steak and Katie's will be serving all the regular menu items plus New Year's Eve Dinner Specials. Katie's New Year's Eve specials start at 4 p.m. and CV Steak is serving from 4:30 p.m.

As Always, Interesting, Helpful and Even Useful Tidbits and News:
  • Free Entertainment in the Cabaret: Steve Lord appears tonight, Steppen Stonz is here Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights, Jonathan "JB" Barton entertains Sunday – Tuesday and The Blues Monsters will be kicking up a storm on New Year's Eve next Wednesday.
  • Out-of-town visitors? Reminder that the Carson Valley Airporter is a great way for them to get to and from the Reno Airport, especially if holiday-week demands leave you with limited time to provide your usual personal yet time-consuming taxi service.
  • Ladies' Night: Due to other commitments by our elves over the holiday weeks, Ladies' Night is on hiatus for tonight and next Wednesday. We'll pick it up again on January 7 with some new giveaways and a weekly ladies-only slot tournament. Watch for more information next week.
  • Jackpot Update:
    • The Penny Progressive Jackpot was over $68,200 when we checked early this
      morning. We've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: This progressive is not a multi-casino jackpot. It can, and eventually will, only be paid to someone playing at the Carson Valley Inn!!
    • The Pro PK'em Progressive is $4,467 for this weekend's NFL games.  But, you should already know this if you read the article above regarding this jackpot.
  • This Week's Game-On Fridays special in CV Steak is Grilled Game Brochette,with marinated lamb and elk tenderloin, antelope and alligator sausage, finished with a red wine demi, As always, served with tableside-tossed salad, vegetable and your choice of potato - au gratin, baked, or a one-pound, twice-baked potato . . . all for $28.00! 
Comments?? Have questions or comments about the CVI? Use the comments section below, shoot us an email or just pick up the phone and call us @ 775-782-9711. Hit "0" when the automated voice comes on and you'll go right to the hotel operator who can get you to the correct person or department.  We have a lot more coming up at the Carson Valley Inn so check our Blog posting every Wednesday morning!

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